Arkansas River Report, Pueblo, Dec 28 – Gene Rea

Fishing Date: 28 Dec 2015


River/Lake: Arkansas River – Below Dam in Pueblo


Section/ Specific location(s): Above the Nature Center





   Air Temperature range during fishing: High 30’s

   General Weather conditions (sunny/cloudy/windy/etc): Sunny Skies, some scattered clouds



Water Flow (CFS): 71 cfs                 Water Temp/Time taken (or best guess): 40 Degrees/11:30 am


Water conditions/clarity (clear/stained/murky/etc): Slight discoloration – visibility about three feet


Hatches: Blue Wing Olives and Midges


Fish Behavior/Location:

Fish location/where caught: Riffles, deep runs, head of pool.

Where in water column: Bottom, and on top.

Any other feeding behavior you noticed? Very subtle strikes on subsurface presentations



Ballpark number of fish landed/size: 14 landed between 12 and 16 inches



Type of fish: Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, and Cuttbow Trout



Flies that worked/sizes: On subsurface: #22 Mercury Flashback Black Beauties and #22 Grey RS II’s.

On Surface: #24 Parachute Adams & #22 Comparadun BWO’s.



Other Comments: I’ve been fishing subsurface the first two hours until the BWO’s and Midges start to pop

then focus my efforts on top.




Submitted by: Guide – Gene Rea