Deckers, South Platte River

Spring Time on the South Platte


Deckers Dawn

photograph by Ahmad Terry

South Platte River

Deckers, CO (6,398ft)


The Deckers area has a storied history, forged by fire, water, and the Colorado spirit. This splendid fishery is a picturesque trout stream, located about an hour from both metro Denver and Colorado Springs. The trout feed year round in this nutrient rich tailwater and grow to trophy sizes.  It’s not uncommon to hook browns, rainbows, and cuttbows in the 20″-24″ range.  Deep pockets, riffles, and slow runs will challenge your angling skills.

Though difficult to put into words, there’s something about this section of The Platte that just feels as though it were designed for walk & wade fly fishing. The often gin clear water, mostly gravel stream bed, stunning scenery, abundant trout life, and ideal river width all come together to form a magical spot to fly fish on foot. Mule deer, eagles, and other Colorado wildlife also cruise these vibrant riverbanks as well, making the Deckers area of the South Platte a blissful wilderness escape, seemingly right in Denver’s backyard.

Our guides have intimate knowledge of this South Platte fishery and will teach you how to be successful here. Book a trip to Deckers and experience a slice of Colorado fly fishing history. Then, sit back and relax while taking in the Colorado sunshine, a majestic view of Long Scraggy Peak, and the pure satisfaction of a day spent fly fishing.



couple with nice bow


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