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The nature of a Colorado fly fishing trip, from the booking process, to the flow of communication on the river, is naturally human. When you book a guided trip, you’re choosing to spend a day on the water with a real person who has chosen to make fly fishing their profession. In light of this fundamental truth, we’ve chosen to shine a little more (spot)light on the guides who make the team at 5280 Angler. We’re proud of our well over 100 years of collective guiding experience. We’re even more proud to say we’re the kind of people, people like to fish with.

GUIDE: Marcelo Caiozzi

Q. Where have you been fishing/guiding lately?Colorado Fishing Guide, Marcelo
A. Lately, I’ve been guiding the public waters below Deckers on the South Platte River and on the private fishing club of Rainbow Falls.  Deckers has been fishing very well due in most part to spring fever, hungry fish, and good hatches of blue winged olives, large chocolate stones, and a steady supply of midges.  Rainbow Falls just recently opened up for the season. The trout have not felt fishing pressure since late last fall when the ranch closed, so you can imagine just how fun this has been – catching big easily fooled trout!  On my own time this spring, I had a blast fishing for fatties on the San Juan River, below Navajo Dam with my fellow guides at 5280 Angler. I also fought the bulldog trout of The Bighorn River in Montana with fellow 5280 Angler guide Ron Pecore. Finally, I’ve been fishing and catching the beautiful trout below South Boulder Creek with Arbor Anglers owner Nick Herman.
Q. How many years have you been guiding professionally?
A. I’ve been a fly fishing guide and instructor for about 18 years.  I started guiding and teaching fly fishing in New Mexico and have now been guiding in Colorado for over 12 years.  It’s been an amazing journey and I have learned so much along the way.
Q.What is your favorite part about guiding/the thing that keeps you coming back year after year or day in and day out all season long?
A. You can’t beat having an office in the great outdoors.  It’s pretty special watching the faces of anglers light up as their reels scream in mercy from a running trophy or seeing the look of awe as they gaze upon the beauty of trout.
Q. You have lots of shops and outfitters to chose from. What makes guiding for 5280 Angler special?
A. 5280 Angler is a group of highly experienced guides who are truly passionate about fly fishing, teaching, and respecting the rivers and properties in which we guide.  Each guide has his own niche and expertise, from which we gain from one another.  We may not all agree on silly stuff like politics or ice cream flavors, however we all come together when it comes to fly fishing and protecting our rivers.
Q. Have you been tying any flies lately? Which patterns and why?
A. Due to the recent winter season I have been tying numerous midge pupa and larvae patterns.  Now it’s spring time, so I’ve been creating some new blue winged olive ties that have been kicking butt!

Q. How did you get your start into the profession? What do you find the most rewarding/challenging? Do you have any advice for the guy or girl reading this who is considering a leap into the profession?

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Fly Fishing Colorado with Marcelo!

A. I started guiding in New Mexico only after a few years of learning to fly fish.  You might say I was kind of a natural (or somewhat obsessed).  It’s a true passion and addiction for me; something that I never want to shake.  If you’re considering guiding, patience and persistence are a must.
Q. What is your favorite stretch of water to guide?
A. The picturesque Tarryall River, the trophy waters of Boxwood Gulch and Long Meadow Ranch, and the pristine South Boulder Creek.
Q. What is the one trick you find yourself teaching guests on almost a trip-by-trip basis?
A. “Yellow, red, green.”  I strive to make fly fishing simple and fun.  It is way too easy to become overwhelmed and frustrated with fly fishing because there is really an endless wealth of information and techniques.  The key is to break it down into easy steps which makes it far more enjoyable
Q. What is one word you would use to describe the current condition of your guide pack?
A. Organized.
Q. If you had to pick just one, would it be THE DRAKE or FLY FISHERMAN MAGAZINE. Why?
A. Fly Fisherman Magazine has taught me numerous tricks of the trade.
Q. What are you most often listening to on the way to and from the water?
A. Modern country, classic rock, and the ramblings of my mind; going over the upcoming and past fishing scenarios.

Marcelo is also the new “shopboy” at ARBOR ANGLERS FLY SHOP in Golden. Stop in on Fridays to pick his brain about bugs, or to get a few pointers on your cast. Check out MARCELO’S BIO!Colorado Fishing Guide, Marcelo

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