TALE OF THE 34 INCH TAPE – Monster Trout Landed during Winter at Boxwood!


On January 16, 2017 at Boxwood Gulch Ranch, guide Jeremy Hamilton put his client Nick on a truly once-in-a-lifetime fish. The humble guide he is, Jeremy was reluctant to share details about the experience. But, I dragged them out of him anyway, cause a 34″ rainbow trout is a fish story worth sharing!

It was Nick’s first time to legendary Boxwood Gulch Ranch. He was enjoying the Monday holiday with a pair of friends during our Winter at Boxwood event. Temps were in the 30’s and it had been snowing all day long. It was truly one of those #forgettheforecast kind of days out there.

Nearing the end of the day of great fishing, Nick’s friend hooked into a very large trout, and after a few moments, the fish came free via long distance release (LDR). As Jeremy was talking through the fight, Nick spotted a GIANT trout alongside a boulder near the bottom of the run (likely the same trout that had given his buddy the slip!). It was one of those fish that make you shake.

From a perched position on a rock, Nick made only a few casts before sensing the strike and setting the hook! As the fish bolted for cover and began to circle a large boulder, Nick made the leap from his rock into nearly chest deep water. Following Jeremy’s direction, he charged toward the cover, keeping a steady rod and maintaining tension, not allowing the fish to wrap round the cover and break off.

Though unable to use the boulder to it’s advantage, the fish was not yet ready to come to net. The massive trout made several runs up a culvert (into the oxbow, for those who know Boxwood) and back, attempting a new escape. After several minutes of tense back and forth, the fish had tired just enough for Nick to gain leverage as it returned once again from the culvert. Raising it’s head just enough, Jeremy was able to make the scoop, filling ALL of the Nomad Mid-Length Boat Net!

Once in the basket, Jeremy was able to easily remove a size 20 chocolate thunder from the trout’s upper jaw.

Taking extra care to handle the trout well, they took a measurement (34 INCHES!) and snapped a few very quick pics. Upon a safe revive/release, the dinosaur of a fish swam off hard into the cold water of the North Fork.

Jeremy Hamilton is the senior 5280 Angler guide in charge of our popular and straight forward YouTube Fishing Reports. If you’d like to book a guided fly fishing trip during WINTER AT BOXWOOD or out on one of our fabulous public waters with Jeremy or any of our trusted professional guides, CONTACT US today!