STREAM REPORT: 4/2/16 South Platte River, Above Spinney

NOTES: The state park is not yet open.South Platte Stream Report

WEATHER: Weather – 25 degrees upon arrival (8:30am) and then up to 50’s. Sunny. Occasional breezes.

WATER: Flow around 30-35 cfs.

FISHING: Caught about 45 total including 5 lake fish to 20 inches. Some migratory fish (not a lot) from the lake are in, all the way upstream above the gauging station. Most fish were found in slow deep holes (mostly near rocks). We landed a few browns and resident rainbows in 9-14 inch range.

HATCHES: Some midge, some beatis in afternoon.

FLIES: Red worm, pegged.  Rainbow Warrior (pearl and black-20/22 and 16)  BH pheasant tail -16 . Pat’s Rubber Legs. Chartreuse Mop.

GUIDE TIP: Lake run fish fresh on their ‘run’ are accustomed to eating larger forage from the lake, so they will often take some larger flies than the bugs that are actually hatching.


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