South Platte River Report, Dec 21- Gene Rea

Fishing Date: 21 Dec 2015


River/Lake: South Platte River/Deckers


Section/ Specific location(s): Above Deckers – Y Camp Road




   Air Temperature range during fishing: low 50’s – a bit cooler in the shady areas

   General Weather conditions (sunny/cloudy/windy/etc): Sunny, some scattered clouds. Moderate Breeze



Water Flow (CFS): 184 cfs             Water Temp/Time taken (or best guess): 44 degrees/all day


Water conditions/clarity (clear/stained/murky/etc): Clear/unlimited visibility


Hatches: Small Chartreuse Midges and Blue Wing Olives


Fish Behavior/Location: Very subtle – not moving much.


Fish location/where caught:   riffles, deep runs, head of pool, tail of pool.


Where in water column: bottom, and on top


Any other feeding behavior you noticed? Very subtle strikes – set on everything!


Ballpark number of fish landed/size: Approximately 15 landed – 14 to 19 inches.


Type of fish: Rainbow Trout, Cutttbows, and a few browns


Flies that worked/sizes: #20 Black Rainbow Warrior, #22 Mercury FB Black Beauty, #22 Bazouli Midge, #22 Mercury Midge, #22-#24 Top Secret Midges, #22 Juju Baetis, #22-#24 Grey/Black RS II’s.



Other Comments: Stay in the sunlit areas, make lots of drifts – the fish are sluggish. Use lighter tippet – 5X & 6X Fluorocarbon. No need to get there too early, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm is Prime Time!




Submitted by: Guide – Geno Rea