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Colorful Colorado - Trout Style


Deckers Dawn

photograph by Ahmad Terry

The nature of a Colorado fly fishing trip, from the booking process, to the flow of communication on the river, is naturally human. The whole thing is so easy to screw up! Getting it right matters. That’s why we have chosen to make guided fly fishing our singular, absolute, purpose.

Maintaining a precise focus allows us to be the best at what we do, and to have the most fun doing so. We fish, and we serve along Colorado’s South Platte River and beyond. And we LOVE IT!

At 5280 Angler® we feel the way to nail it is to be on the water more often, to listen more attentively, and to know how to help you catch more trout. Like your favorite local brewery, we are small, focused, and proudly American.

Fly fishing is a science, and it’s an art. 5280 Angler guides are the ideal ones with whom to stalk the seam between the two. Reading water, finding fish, choosing bugs, rigging rods, and presenting flies are all pieces to a beautiful puzzle. Book a trip with 5280 Angler, and put it all together on some of Colorado’s most scenic rivers. 

Client Steph with a Pretty Rainbow

photograph by Ben Helgeson

5280 Angler is proud to offer a wide array of premier fishing destinations throughout Colorado. We provide fully guided fly fishing experiences to serve all angling interests and ability levels. Whether you’re looking to include a day of fly fishing as part of a Colorado vacation, just getting into the sport and needing some hands-on instruction, in search of trophy private water, or seeking to unlock the mystery of your local public stretch of river, we’ve got the experience and passion to serve you. We are committed to offering the best value in the state when it comes to guided fly fishing trips.

For us, being a great guide service is about being connected. It’s about keeping things simple and fun. Mostly, it’s about fishing with authentic commitment to the trout we love and the people we love to serve.

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A Day at the Dream, South Park, CO