ALASKA 2017: 5280 Angler & Angler’s Alibi on the Alagnak River

Alagnak River Bear

“The Alagnak Provides….”

– Guide Lance Dutton, Angler’s Alibi

I could write all about our epic float plane trip with the badass pilots of Branch River Air, the incredible location of Angler’s Alibi, the wealth and health of the fish in the Alagnak River, or the five-star service of the camp staff. I could try to go in depth into the collective fishy-genius, breadth of river knowledge, and friendly excellence of the Angler’s Alibi guide crew, or detail the vision of this Alaskan paradise operated by Captain John Perry.

But Darcy, fellow guest and Angler’s Alibi veteran, was right. I just can’t. Words won’t do any justice.

After yet another incredible day of fishing on the Alagnak, while we were sipping a beer and watching a brown bear rummage across river from camp, my new Canadian friend pondered aloud, “How can you go home, and tell people about this? HOW? How could you? It’s not possible..(laughs)….and I don’t even want to.  I just want to enjoy the hell out of it.”

Darcy has a way with words.

The Alagnak River is a special place, and there’s no better destination in which to get off the grid, find yourself, and have the time of your life.

A great fly fishing adventure is not complete without great people.

We wish to thank the whole Angler’s Alibi crew: JP, Chef Bobby, Jackson, Moose, Logan, along with the guide team: Landry, Lance, Russell, Chris (Thermo), and Jeremy for creating the fishing experience of a lifetime.

Thanks also to all of our fellow week six guests: Al, Carol, Wendy, Darcy, Sam, Silas, Chuck, Rich and the boys, Tim, John, and Jay – sharing memories and making memories is what it’s all about.

“The Alagnak River Provides”


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