Q & A with the professional guides of 5280 Angler

The nature of a Colorado fly fishing trip, from the booking process, to the flow of communication on the river, is naturally human. When you book a guided trip, you’re choosing to spend a day on the water with a real person who has chosen to make fly fishing their profession. In light of this fundamental truth, we’ve chosen to shine a little more (spot)light on the people who make the team at 5280 Angler. We’re proud of our over 100 years of collective experience on the water, and we’re even more proud to say we’re the kind of people, that people like to fish with.


Q. Where have you been fishing/guiding lately?
A. I’ve been guiding and fishing The South Platte. I also took a spring break trip to fish The Big Horn. Fantastic all around!
Q. How many years have you been guiding professionally?
A. I’ve been guiding professionally in Colorado for 12 years, and I simply love what I do.
Q.What is your favorite part about guiding/the thing that keeps you coming back year after year or day in and day out all season long?
A. To put it simply, it’s really the river.  I like showing people how to enjoy the whole fly fishing experience and sharing my 40 years of expertise with them. I aim to speed up their skills while showing them a great time!
Q. You have lots of shops and outfitters to chose from. What makes guiding for 5280 Angler special?
A.  My fellow guides at 5280 have years of experience and are true professionals. It a pleasure to share the river with them. We are part of a team, and that trickles up to the client experience in every way. Also, our owner Jay is so good with people. He understands that the business is fundamentally about providing excellent service from the first call through the last cast. He’s a great leader, which enables everyone to have a great time on the water. It’s a very gratifying feeling.
Q. Have you been tying any flies lately? Which patterns and why?
A. I have tied some Jailbird Black Beauties and olive Barr Emergers. This time of year, the insects these flies imitate are staples in a trout’s diet.
Q. How did you get your start into the profession? What do you find the most rewarding/challenging? Do you have any advice for the guy or girl reading this who is considering a leap into the profession?
A. I’ve always been self employed, so creating time and opportunity to be a guide has never been a big challenge. The love of the river has always drawn me to it. Chasing trout in each pool and around every boulder has always been exciting for me.
This is a job of passion, not one of riches. Our hours are long and you have to sacrifice a lot of time with family and friends; especially on weekends. People close to you think you are always “fishing ” but you’re not, really.
The best fisherman are not necessarily the best guides. You have to be able to “read” your clients and make their day special. You have to be willing to be the first one there in the morning and the last to leave. You have to be on top of the water and weather conditions to make your clients day both safe and fun. Light the fire in them.
Q. What is your favorite stretch of water to guide?
A.  I guess for big fish and exciting battles Boxwood and Long Meadow is hard to beat..clients can catch a fish of their lifetime!
Q. What is the one trick you find yourself teaching guests on almost a trip-by-trip basis?
A. Set downstream and fight downstream.  If you can master these moves and keep big trout upstream you have a good chance of landing large trout by yourself.
Q. What is one word you would use to describe the current condition of your guide pack?
A. Complete. I have everything I need.
Q. If you had to pick just one, would it be THE DRAKE or FLY FISHERMAN MAGAZINE. Why?
A. Fly Fisherman..I grew up with this publication.
Q. What are you most often listening to on the way to and from the water?
A. Country or KOA

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